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Added December 28th 2015

Familiarity Breeds...Comfort?

Added December 19th 2015

Jon Emmett Interview Part 3: Mental Skills, Training Tips and Toilet Tricks(!)

This is the final part of my interview with Jon Emmett, and in it we discuss lots of ways that sailors can improve their skills and their performance. We cover everything from fitness routines to mental skills, from what books to read to nutrition on the water. Enjoy...

Jon Emmet Image 1

Added December 18th 2015

Jon Emmett Interview Part 2: Lijia Xu and the 2012 Medal Race

Jon Emmett was coaching Lijia Xu when she won the 2012 Gold Medal in the Laser Radial. Here he talks about the key moments, and what we can learn from them.

Lijia Xu

Added December 17th 2015

Jon Emmett Interview Part 1: From Late Starter to World Champion

Jon Emmett didn't start racing dinghies until he was 14, but still went on to be an elite level sailor, a multiple world champion, and to coach an Olympic sailor to a Gold Medal. Here's how he did it.

Jon Emmett at the 2012 Europeans

Added December 4th 2015

I Am Pilgrim

Added December 1st 2015

Off Your Knees, Please

Added November 26th 2015

Coach Yourself to Win by Jon Emmett

Added November 25th 2015

Helming to Win by Nick Craig

Added November 23rd 2015

Wince for the Camera, Please

Added November 20th 2015

If I Had a Boat...

Added November 18th 2015

Down When the Breeze is Up, Up When the Breeze is Down

Added November 16th 2015

Going Low on the Reach

Added November 13th 2015

That Back to School Feeling

Reaching in Gusts

Added May 7th 2015

How to Use the "Snow Fence Effect" to Gain Downwind

Overtaking on the Run

Added May 1st 2015

March and April's Kit Bag

Added March 28th 2015

Know Your Customer

Added March 26th 2015

Quick Follow-Up to A Question of Morals

Added March 14th 2015

A Question of Morals

Added March 11th 2015

Sailing, Fast and Slow

Added March 5th 2015

"Smile - It'll Make You Sail Faster"

Added March 3rd 2015

Sailing Watches

A list of the most commonly used sailing watches (with positives and negatives for each), and some good features worth looking out for when deciding what to buy.

Added March 2nd 2015

The Ghostly Child

Added March 1st 2015

January's and February's Kit Bags

Added February 13th 2015

When Obsession Pays Off

Added February 12th 2015

TBT: Some Notes on the Optimist Selection Trials 1988 Video

Ok, I admit that this video isn't exactly compelling viewing. But there are some interesting things in it - here's a selection.

Book Review: Race Training with Jim Saltonstall

Jim Saltonstall is widely regarded as one of the most influential (if not the most influential) drivers of British sailing's recent success in Olympic sailing. Here's my review of his race training book.

Added February 10th 2015

Leeward Mark Roundings - Satisfaction Guaranteed

There is something about a good leeward mark rounding that I find incredibly satisfying. I suppose we all have these strange things about us, and now you know mine. I guess there are worse things I could be obsessed with.

Added February 3rd 2015

Branches of Trees and Hail Marys

Added January 31st 2015

Waking Up with Michael Gervais

Added January 15th 2015

How Do You Improve on Perfection?

Added January 6th 2015

How I Made Friends with My Lower Back Again

A while back my lower back and I fell out. I had no intention of falling out with my lower back, but it had other ideas. Here is what brought us back together...

Added January 3rd 2015

Planning a Fitness Programme for Sailing

Added January 2nd 2015

My Favourite Books for Sailing Fitness

Added January 2nd 2015

The Darker Side of Christmas and New Year

We all enjoy Christmas and New Year. But there is a dark side of Christmas, something that haunts us. And now we have to face it.

December's Kit Bag

Added December 22nd 2014

Why I Don't Need to do The Volvo Ocean Race

Added December 20th 2014


Added December 8th 2014

Spiders Can't Climb Stairs

Added December 4th 2014

What the America's Cup Means for Dinghy Sailing (and What it Could Mean)

Added December 2nd 2014

Why Sailing Needs to Learn From Other Sports

Added November 30th 2014

November Kit Bag

Welcome to November's Kit Bag - this month's collection of links,clips and other odds and bobs, all gathered to help improve your sailing. For those that don't follow me on Twitter, or don't use Twitter, I've gathered the links I've tweeted about here, so you don't miss out on some really good sailing stuff.

Added November 26th 2014

Ever Tried. Ever Failed. No Matter. Try Again. Fail Again. Fail Better.

Want to avoid the pecking order? Practice a little more than the guys you want to beat. At first you'll fail. Then you'll fail better. Then you'll succeed.

Added November 23rd 2014

If You're Already Doing It Then You Can Do It

Added November 21st 2014

Winning the Battle but Losing the War

Added November 19th 2014

The Lesson of The Red Boat

Added November 17th 2014

Avoiding the Pecking Order

A pecking order affects the results of all sailing races, and they're good for the top sailors and bad for everyone else. So how can you avoid their trap?

Added November 12th 2014

Optimist (Class Page)

Added November 11th 2014

How Drinking Beer Can Save the Day

Need to avoid physical exertion? Want to stay safely on board a boat rather than dangling from a pole above the water? Then drinking beer can save the day.

Added October 29th 2014

"The Desire to Sail Well..."

One of my two favourite sailing quotes is: "The desire to sail well often results in winning; The desire to win rarely results in sailing well". Here's why.

Fireball (Class Page)

Averting a Death Roll - updated

Added October 24th 2014

6 Reasons Why It Must Be Tough Being An Australian Sailor

Australian sailors spend their whole life thinking there happy, and never realising how miserable they are. I'm here to put them straight.

Added October 21st 2014

Lolling Around in Chairs and Fondling Balls

Added October 13th 2014

The Art of Being a Good Crew

Added October 10th 2014

Why I Probably Won't Take Up Finn Sailing

Added October 9th 2014

Cathy Foster and the 30-Second Bubble

Added October 6th 2014

One Coach, Two Capsizes and Three Lessons Learned

Added October 2nd 2014

On Giving and Receiving Advice

Added September 30th 2014

Mass Simultaneous Capsizes, the Media, and a Shiny Suit

Added September 24th 2014

Would George Clooney Improve His Sailing Quicker Than You?

Added September 18th 2014

Frostbiting is Good for the Soul

Added September 18th 2014

Ode to Frostbiting

Added September 15th 2014

Learning Not to Death-Roll

Added August 18th 2014

Confessions of a Failed Oppie Mum

Added August 17th 2014

Laser (Class Page)

Added August 11th 2014

How Not to Prepare for a Regatta, or How to Get a New Mast

This is a story about how not to prepare for a regatta, and it may also help get you a new mast. Although not without some personal sacrifice...

Blueprint for a Club Competition Using Individual Handicaps

This is a blueprint for a successful club competition using individual handicaps as part of the qualifying system. The idea is to increase engagement and participation for all sailors, and add a great social occasion to the club's calendar too.

Added August 1st 2014

Handicap Systems and the Art of Not Losing Members

Added July 29th 2014

GP14 (Class Page)

Added July 27th 2014

Toe Straps and Shark Attacks

Four lessons children can teach you about sailing, from the unexpected importance of toe straps to the imminent danger of shark attacks.

Added July 3rd 2014

How Laylines Can Improve Your Day

Added June 16th 2014

Float Your Boat Friday

Sunfish (Class Page)

Added June 10th 2014

Club Boats and the Unused Boats in Your Club

Added June 10th 2014

How to Fix Anything on Your Boat in Just 23 Steps

Added June 6th 2014

How Giving Away Free Memberships Can Secure a Club’s Future

Added June 4th 2014

The Great Retention Problem

Why do we lose so many young sailors, and what can be done about it?

Added June 2nd 2014

Trigger's Broom and My Ever-Shrinking List of Sailing Excuses

Added May 19th 2014

The Easiest Way to Win a Race…

Learning from the Best

Added May 10th 2014

Are You Going to be a World Record Holder?

How you can be part of sailing history

Added May 2nd 2014

Becoming Your Own Sailing Coach

Some guidance on how to become your own coach.

Added April 30th 2014

Why People Don't Protest Each Other (and Why They Should)

A blog post with some thoughts on why there are so few protests at club level, and why there should be more.

Online Sailing Games and Simulators

Added March 31st 2014


Our piece on laylines - particularly useful for Windward Mark approaches

Jim Saltonstall is widely regarded as one of the most influential (if not the most influential) drivers of British sailing's recent success in Olympic sailing.

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