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Added 17th November 2017

The Rules in Practice 2017-2020 by Bryan Willis

The Rules in Practice by Bryan Willis is one of the most widely recommended books for sailors, covering the rules with simple explanations and great diagrams. Read more about it here...

Added 22nd June 2017

How to Win an America's Cup...

Just by chance I ended up watching the final moments of the Youth America's Cup, and it was one of the most dramatic finales I've ever seen. Did it hold the key to how you can win an America's Cup?

Added 27th April 2017

Spinnaker Watches

I hadn't come across Spinnaker Watches until they announced their special edition 49er watch. And it turns out that they produce some stunningly beautiful watches...

Added 24th April 2017

The 8 Best Sailing Books to Read at the Start of the Season

What are the best books to read once the sailing season is already under way? These are our picks, along with one non-sailing book that should also help you improve as the season progresses.

Added 19th April 2017

Heading Out to the Race Course

Before getting into your usual pre-start routine, there are some extra things you can do as you sail to the race area. Here are some suggestions.

Added 7th April 2017

Setting Up the Boat for Racing

Having a solid routine when setting up your boat can avoid some unwanted surprises...

Added 19th April 2017

Taking Time Before Racing

Taking a little bit of time to yourself before racing can be one of the most beneficial things you can do. Here's why...

Added 5th April 2017

Understanding the Tide for Sailing

Some thoughts for club sailors on checking the tide before sailing

Added 4th April 2017

Understanding the Wind for Sailing

Some thoughts for club sailors on checking the forecast before sailing

Added 3rd April 2017

5 Things to do Before Sailing That Will Help You Win

We are creatures of habit, so here's five habits that will help set you up to be at the top of the fleet...

Added 20th March 2017

The Best Mother’s Day Sailing Gifts (UK and Ireland)

Mother's Day is arriving fast here in Ireland and the UK. If you're stuck for ideas then this page might help.

Added 13th March 2017

Wind Strategy by David Houghton and Fiona Campbell

Read my review of a Very Important Book here.

Added 6th March 2017

How to Lose a Sailing Club Championship

There is a global study that suggests that 75% of people think that they are not living up to their creative potential.

But are they the lucky ones?

Added February 17th 2017

Moana: A Review for Sailors

I normally view family cinema visits as an opportunity for a nap. But this time I saw an opportunity to improve my sailing. Here's how I got on...

Added December 1st 2016

Is Being "Naturally Good" a Bad Thing?

How listening to other people discussing my faults led to an insight into how I could improve my sailing

Added November 8th 2016

My Father and the Vendee Globe

A look into the realities of tough world of single-handed sailing

Added October 19th 2016

The Boat Whisperer On Sailing Downwind

This talk covers a lot - from how to save a death roll, to how you should be sitting when sailing downwind, to how to use your sheeting to be quicker in waves. Steve Cockerill's insights are absolutely invaluable for club sailors and world champions alike.

Added October 18th 2016

The Body Coach HIIT Sessions for Sailors

Although you could be forgiven for mistaken some of these exercise sessions with attempted murder, they are in fact an excellent way to build your fitness quickly. I've put a lot of different types of HIIT workouts together, and highlighted the ones I found most useful for sailing fitness.

Added October 15th 2016


The song "SAIL! by AWOLNATION has been used in a lot of sailing videos, and it was starting to get a little boring. And then along come cats and save the day.

Added October 13th 2016

Jim Saltonstall's 10 Aspects of Sailing

Pop on a pair of sunglasses to protect your eyes from the interior decoration, sit back, and listen to one of our sport's best ever coaches talk about the route to improving your sailing performance.

Added September 15th 2016

Tuning to Win by Ian Pinnell

Until this month I had three certainties in my life but, one by one, they've all been stripped away...

Added September 12th 2016

6 Ways to Round the Leeward Mark

Round the Leeward Mark

There are lots of ways to round the leeward mark - some are fast and some are not so fast. Here's some great footage, with many of the main do's and don't's...

Added August 19th 2016

3 Reasons Every Sailor Should Go To The Cinema

Added August 11th 2016

The Top 8 Tweets About the Olympic Sailing

Added August 10th 2016

Olympic Sailing: Day Three

Added August 8th 2016

Olympic Sailing: Day One

Added August 8th 2016

How to Follow the Olympic Sailing

Added July 26th 2016

RS Aero (Class Page)

Added July 11th 2016

Luke Patience

Added July 8th 2016

Alain Sign: Future Médaillée Olympique?

Added July 6th 2016

Ryan Seaton: The Unofficial, Unauthorised and Completely Untrue Biography

Is Ryan Seaton the richest sailor on the Olympic circuit? And how does he find the time to race when he does so many other things. Read on for the answers...

Added July 1st 2016

Nathan Outteridge: The Unofficial, Unauthorised and Completely Untrue Biography

Nathan Outteridge hasn't always been a sailor. But what did he used to do, and does his fury at how his previous career ended drive his sailing ambitions?

Added June 28th 2016

Charlie Buckingham's Biggest Fan

Who is Charlie Buckingham's biggest fan? Is she the real reason for his success? And why is her support kept Top Secret?

Added June 23rd 2016

Why Jonas Høgh-Christensen Will Sail Like a God This Summer

If you thought that Jonas Hogh-Christensen sailed like a god at the beginning of the London Olympic regatta in 2012 then there is a very good reason...

Added June 21st 2016

Annalise Murphy: The Incredible Secret to Her Success

What is the secret to Annalise Murphy's success? What does she do (or not do) that enables her to be the elite athlete she is? Read on to find out...

Added June 15th 2016

Could Mat Belcher's Hair be the Key to Gold in Rio?

Mat Belcher was designed and built in 1982, and first switched on on 20th of September that year. Now he's going for his second Olympic Gold Medal.

Added June 16th 2016

Is Nick Thompson the Most Controversial Olympic Selection Ever?

Nick Thompson is going to represent Britain in the Laser class in Rio this year.

But do these revelations show that it really should be someone else?

Nick Thompson

Is this the face of an evil genius?

Added June 15th 2016

Capsize Recovery Olympic Style

This capsize recovery method could save your race someday, and it is so simple anyone can do it. And there's a lesson in observation thrown in too!

Nick Craig getting ready to practice his capsize recovery

Nick Craig getting ready to practice his capsize recovery

Added June 15th 2016

The Olympics are Nearly Here...

Added June 9th 2016

How to Avoid Work and Get Your Sailing Fix This Week

Bored at work? Of course you are.

Fancy a bit of sailing to get you through the day? Of Course you do.

Well look no further...

Sailing World Cup

Added June 7th 2016

Notes on the Optimist Selection Trials, 1989

The Optimist Selection Trials in 1989 were remarkable for a few reasons - here's some of the most interesting facts.

Weymouth Teams 1989


Added June 5th 2016

Sailing Photo Quiz

Sailing Quiz

Added June 4th 2016

10 Ways to Stop Your Legs From Aching After Sailing

If you're event that lasts more than a day then sore legs can be a problem. Here's 10 ways to stop your legs from aching and keep you hiking a bit longer.

Added May 17th 2016

Core Training Classic

This Core Training Classic is great for injury proofing your back and strengthening up your core. Just turn the volume down...

Beginner Back Plank

Added May 17th 2016

One Wild Ride

Most people seem pretty normal when you first meet them. But not Gary "Ted" Sargent. His "One Wild Ride" project is enough to make you realise he is nuts straight away.

One Wild Ride - Gary "Ted" Sargent

Added May 7th 2016

Sailing Fitness Saturday: How to Touch Your Toes and Improve Flexibility

Added May 6th 2016

Why I Think Jimmy Spithill is Wrong About the America's Cup

Jimmy Spithill spoke about having mixed nationalities on the boats, and about the new format for the Cup - and he's wrong on both subjects. Here's why.

Jimmy Spithill

Added April 30th 2016

Sailing Fitness Saturday: 30 Day Ab Challenge

Not all 30-day challenges are great, but this one helps build your core fitness with four different exercises.

Added April 23rd 2016

Sailing Fitness Saturday: How You Can Build Your Sailing Arms in 10 Minutes

We don't always have time for a full workout, but this 10 minute routine can help build your arm muscles and can be squeezed into even the most packed schedule.

Added April 18th 2016

Golden Lily by Lijia Xu

Golden Lily is the new autobiography by Lijia Xu in which she details her rise through the sailing ranks to become China's first ever sailing Olympic Gold Medallist. You can read my full review here.

Added April 16th 2016

Sailing Fitness Saturday: Darebee

Darebee Daily WorkoutIf you're anything like me (and I hope for your sake that you're not), then every so often your fitness regime just kind of...stops. You get out of the habit for one reason or another - lack of time, injury, loss of motivation, whatever.

And once you stop working out, it can be hard to get back to it.

Of course, you could try using one of the many workouts that are listed on my Sample Fitness Training Programs for Sailors page, but if you're looking for something different, you could do far worse than go to the Darebee website.


Added February 16th 2016

Mental and Physical Fitness for Sailing by Alan Beggs, John Derbyshire and John Whitmore

Mental and Physical Fitness for Sailing covers the psychological and physical aspects of sailing very well, especially for aspiring club sailors.

Added February 15th 2016

Rogue Race Officers and the Importance of Start Line Bias

Understanding start line bias is important in any sailing race, and it can be the difference between having a good race and battling it out mid-fleet.

Added February 9th 2016

Transits or Line Sights

Everything you need to know about startline transits - what they are, how to get them, how to use them, and what to be aware of when using them.

Added February 8th 2016

When Sailing Gloves = Glugs

Want to save literally a 4 or 5 dollars every year? I have a thrift tip that could do just that!

Added February 3rd 2016

Nick Craig Interview Part 3: Quality Practice, Fitness, Mindset and More...

The final part of my interview with multiple champion Nick Craig covers a range of topics. We talk about

  • The importance of quality practice, and how to go about achieving it
  • How he organises himself to ensure he keeps his fitness levels high despite working full-time
  • How his mindset is crucial to his success
  • What books have helped him towards winning major championships

And much, much more.

Added February 2nd 2016

Nick Craig Interview Part 2: Championship Starting, Sailing in Waves, and Avoiding Mistakes

SONY DSCIn this second part of our interview we talk about championship starting techniques, sailing in waves and easing the pressure in big events. And also Nick's biggest mistakes and how he now avoids them.

Added February 1st 2016

Nick Craig Interview Part 1: Variety, Observation, and Working with a Crew

Nick Craig OK DinghyIn this first part of my interview with Nick Craig, he talks about how sailing a variety of classes can improve your sailing; how learning to observe well is one of the quickest ways to get to the front of the fleet; and how he works with his crew to perform at the top level.

Added January 25th 2016

10 Ways to Improve Your Sailing in the Off-Season

A lot of people spend the winter away from sailing altogether - and it can sometimes be a useful way to recharge your enthusiasm for sailing. But for most it can be an enforced break, and starting again in the spring can mean taking time to get back up to speed.

If you want to hit the ground running in the new season, here are 10 things you can do that will help.

Added January 22nd 2016

Williamette Sailing Club

Added January 21st 2016

Clive Eplett Q & A

Want to know what the one thing is that most sailors good do to improve their performance? Or how you can break those bad sailing habits?

I asked Clive these and other questions. Here are his answers...

Added January 20th 2016

The 420

Added January 19th 2016

Protecting a Lead Downwind

You've worked hard upwind to round in a good position - but now you need to protect your position from the boats behind. Here are some techniques for protecting a lead downwind.

Added January 18th 2016

Top 10 Most Read on The Final Beat 2015

Added January 14th 2016

Club Sailor: From Back to Front - A Review

There are a lot of sailing books out there, from the general ones that cover a bit of everything, to the highly specific (like Brian Willis' book on Protests and Appeals!), but Club Sailor: From Back to Front is different from any that I've come across. And it is all the better for it.

Added January 13th 2016

The Mirror Dinghy

Added January 12th 2016

The First 100 Metres

The first 100 metres of a sailing race is nearly as important as the start. Getting it right can lead to a good result; getting it wrong can ruin a race.

Added January 11th 2016

How Sailing Can Ruin a Marriage

There is much more to view - just go to page 2...

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