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Sailing Books

There's tons of books available for sailors. This section includes books to help you improve your sailing, as well as  biographies, sailing related fiction, and even some non-specific books that will help develop and improve your sailing as well as other aspects of your life.

  • sailing and sport psychology
  • knots
  • and loads more.

A lot of these books are available more cheaply as Kindle editions. If you would like to read them electronically but don't have a Kindle you can either download the FREE Kindle Reading App which works on most phones and tablets, etc., or you could buy a Kindle - there are lots of different types for all readers and budgets.

Sailing DVDs

This includes a range of DVDs to help with various skills, as well as movies that feature sailing - ideal for a night in or for a gift.











Sailing Clothing


Sailing Watches











Sailing Equipment

Sailing Bottles and Flasks

Eat. Sleep. Sail

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Keep Calm and Sail On

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Fitness Equipment for Sailors

The first thing to know is that you don't need any fitness equipment to get yourself in better shape. You don't even need clothes or a house - you could get fit naked in a field. But I don't recommend it - the police are far less understanding the third or fourth time they receive complaints about it.

That said, having no equipment is no excuse. Even if you don't have runners or a track suit. You need something loose fitting (and we all have something like that) and a bit of will power.

But if you have started, there are some bits of equipment that can be useful. Here's the main ones we use:

The Three Things I Use All The Time


Sailing Gifts

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