Top 8 Tweets about the Sailing at the Olympics (so far…)

8. Everyone agrees - we all want to watch sailing on a regular basis

Richard Osman (of Pointless fame, for those who watch quiz shows) said what millions around the world are thinking:

Unfortunately he's also latched on to a sailing secret - and it's not just the commentators that make stuff up:

7. To Work or to Watch Sailing?

The decision of whether to do the work we should be doing or to watch sailing is one that has troubled absolutely none of us. But if it has caused a dilemma for any of you, then you should probably get one of these T-Shirts to remind you of your priorities (with a mega hat-tip to My2Fish)

6. "Out of all the sports we've done, that was my favourite"

This is just lovely:

5. Captured on Camera

The breeze was well and truly on outside the Bay, and the Finns and Lasers had some amazing conditions. Typically, there don't seem to have been any TV cameras filming, but there are at least some fantastic photos to enjoy.

4. Brotherly Love

Annalise Murphy's brother has taken control of her Twitter account as is posting information on her racing for her followers. For me, it's been one of the highlights of the games, as he combines genuine brotherly enthusiasm with real sailing insight, and all topped off with a bit of humour.

No single tweet stands out, but I've included this one because the link shows Annalise performing an extraordinary exercise that I won't be attempting any time in the near future:

3. Is Sailing considered a Badass Sport? (Spoiler: No.)

We all know that sailing has an image problem. It is a hard sell to the general public, but I do think we are finally making strides in this area. That is, I did until I saw how we are viewed compared to Rhythmic Gymnastics!

2. "You were only supposed to blow the bloody oars off!"

One of the most shared videos so far was this excellent effort from the British Sailing Team:

1. Shiftier than a bag of weasels

But tweet of the regatta so far goes to Ian Walker, although he credits the phrase to the legend that is Jim Saltonstall.

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