The Top 10 Most Read Blog Posts and Pages on The Final Beat in 2015

Something I love on other websites and blogs is a list of the most popular posts on that website.

And yet I don't have one myself.

I've been really tempted to have a list in the sidebar, but I've held back for one reason. It seems to me that once you have a list of most popular pages, that list is unlikely to change much over time. This is because many people, like me, will go through the list and read them, thus adding to their views and sustaining them in the most popular listing.

I hope other websites keep these listings, because they tend to be pretty enjoyable. But instead of having one myself, I thought I'd give a brief list of my most popular posts and pages in 2015 here. Hopefully, because they're in a post themselves, this listing won't have quite the influence that a feature in the sidebar would have, but will still provide the information for those that want it.

Most Read Pages in 2015

This is a list of the most visited pages on the website excluding the blog.

  1. Online Sailing Games and Simulators
  2. Sample Fitness Training Programs for Sailors
  3. Sailing Watches
  4. Winning the Start
  5. Tell-tales, Tufts, Ticklers and Flies
  6. Laser
  7. Sunfish
  8. Optimist
  9. Planning and Assessment Tools
  10. Roll Tacking

Most Read Blog Posts 2015

For the blog I've put together two lists. The first is a list of the most viewed blog posts, but the list is imbalanced because those that were posted at the beginning of the year have more views than those posted in November or December. So, to mitigate that, I've also posted a list of the blog posts that are read for the longest time (i.e. the posts that people spend the most time reading) as this isn't affected by the date they were posted (although it may be affected by how long they are...).

As I didn't do this last year, I've done the same two lists for 2014 too.

Most Read Blog Posts in 2015

  1. Waking up With Michael Gervais
  2. How to Use the Snow Fence Effect to Gain Downwind
  3. A Question of Morals
  4. Learning not to Death Roll
  5. Leeward Mark Roundings - Satisfaction Guaranteed
  6. "Smile - It'll Make You Sail Faster"
  7. Know Your Customer
  8. Sailing Fast and Slow
  9. Notes on the Optimist Selection Trials 1988
  10. When Obsession Pays Off

Blog Posts with the Longest Average Time on Page 2015

  1. Jon Emmett Interview Part 2
  2. Spiders Can't Climb Stairs
  3. Jon Emmett Interview Part 3
  4. Waking Up With Michael Gervais
  5. Familiarity Breeds...Comfort?
  6. Jon Emmett Interview Part 1
  7. How Not to Prepare for a Regatta
  8. Off Your Knees, Please
  9. Handicap Systems and the Art of Not Losing Members
  10. Mass Simultaneous Capsizes, The Media and a Shiny Suit

Most Read Blog Posts in 2014

  1. Why People Don't Protest Each Other (and Why They Should)
  2. Toe Straps and Shark Attacks
  3. How Giving Away Free Membership Can Secure a Club's Future
  4. An Ode to Frostbiting
  5. Learning Not to Death Roll
  6. Club Boats, and the Unused Boats in Your Club
  7. How to Fix Anything on Your Boat in Just 23 Steps
  8. Avoiding the Pecking Order
  9. Spiders Can't Climb Stairs
  10. The Great Retention Problem

Blog Posts with the Longest Average Time on Page 2014

  1. Spiders Can't Climb Stairs
  2. Why People Don't Protest Each Other (and Why They Should)
  3. Would George Clooney Improve his Sailing Quicker than You?
  4. The Art of Being a Good Crew
  5. Ever Tried. Ever Failed. No Matter. Try Again. Fail Again. Fail Better
  6. How Not to Prepare for a Regatta
  7. Cathy Foster and the 30-Second Bubble
  8. Avoiding the Pecking Order
  9. The Desire to Sail Well...
  10. What the America's Cup Means for Dinghy Sailing (and What it Could Mean)

Some of these posts are popular due to links from other sites (like the time I was mentioned on Pete Carroll's site on the day of the Superbowl - that was weird!).

But I should say a particular thank you to Tillerman at Proper Course as he has been tremendously generous in mentioning my blog, even describing it as the Best Sailing Blog on the Planet of 2014 which was high praise coming from what is the actual best sailing blog on the planet. If you don't already read Proper Course, then do it now. He always has something interesting to say, and we're lucky to have someone writing funny, smart, diverse and provocative pieces about our sport.

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  1. Thanks for your kind words. There is so much great content on your blog. I am going o spend the day going back and reading all those top ten posts of yours again.

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