That Back to School Feeling

It has been ages since I posted anything on the site.

As I said to my email subscribers, I've been waiting for life to calm down a bit to give me time to dedicate to the site. But it turns out that life has no intention of calming down, so I'm just going to have to make the time to do stuff.

I actually came to this realisation about a month ago, but it has been tricky getting back into the swing of things. It's a bit like going back to work after a long holiday, or like heading back to school after the summer - there's a reluctance to do it (even if you enjoy work or school).

Actually, what it really feels like is when you haven't sailed for the winter, or for a few months because of an injury. Some people are ready to dive straight back in (figuratively speaking (and literally speaking in some cases)), but others can be slow to come back.

Even though you know you'll enjoy it, it can feel strangely daunting to get re-started again.

Clubs that I've been at that don't sail over the winter have tended to struggle with this issue. The committed sailors are back when the season starts in spring, and then there's a steady trickle as the less committed come back over the weeks that lead into the summer. Then, for a few weeks you have a great turnout until summer holidays kick in and various people are away on their travels. Most find their way back after their holidays (but some don't), and then the numbers tail off as the summer heads into autumn.

I've often wondered if there is a good way to get people back in bigger numbers earlier in the season. I know lots of clubs try lots of different things - like boat maintenance weekends, or a dinner-dance type social event, but I have no idea if any of them work.

I sometimes wonder if a big club trophy for the first weekend of the season is the way to go - something that will get people excited to be back on the water again.

Anyway, to get myself back writing I tried all of these things: I had a weekend of keyboard maintenance, had a disco in my living room and then gave myself a trophy.

And now I'm ready to get going again.

See - it works.

8 thoughts on “That Back to School Feeling

    • Thanks Tillerman.

      I can almost here the words “Speak for yourself, Tillerman” being muttered at computer screens all over the world.

      Although I have been too busy to actually do stuff, I have been trawling the sailing message boards, expecting any minute to see fervid discussions as to my whereabouts, with wild speculation as to what had happened to me.


      I mean, what’s that all about? Don’t people care about me?

      On second thoughts, maybe don’t answer that.

  1. Well I noticed you hadn’t been posting because my blogroll has those blogs that posted most recently at the top and the ones that haven’t posted for months at the bottom. Every so often I cull the ones at the bottom from the list in the assumption that the writers of those blogs must have given up blogging. I was this close to chopping you but thought I would give you another week or two. That’s how much I care!!

  2. Seriously!

    I was thinking of compiling another of my Top 10 Sailing Blogs of the Year lists. You can still make the list with a few of your typically brilliant posts in the next few weeks.

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