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I've been updating my pages on starting, and I came across a new entry into the sailing watches category. Apparently Spinnaker Watches have agreed to sponsor the 49er class for the 2017 season, and have commissioned a new watch for the occasion.

I have a habit of losing sailing watches (I think it is an endearing character trait, but everyone else thinks it is an annoying character flaw) so I take an interest in new sailing watches.

But I have to admit, I didn't really know anything about Spinnaker watches. When I had a look at their website, I realised why. They don't make watches to use while you're sailing, they make watches to wear in normal life with a sailing theme.

Until now.

The watch they'll be releasing shortly will have a sailing countdown function and be fully waterproof. This is useful to most sailors because it means that they can use it for their racing. It is useful to me because I can sleep happy knowing that it will keep telling the time perfectly when I drop it over the side of the boat while I'm putting my gloves on.

But, to be honest, I wouldn't normally get that excited about a new sailing watch. But one look at their Instagram page is enough to show me that they do make incredibly nice looking watches.

Spinnaker Cahill watch

See what I mean? Incredibly nice looking watches

All of which makes me rather excited to see what this new watch for the 49er class will be like. If it looks half as nice as their other watches, and works well as a practical starting watch, then I'm really going to want one.

Imagine what the fish in Galway Bay will make of it as it slowly sinks to the bottom, accurately keeping time, as I wave my fist in the air and curse the sea gods for claiming yet another of my timepieces.

I reckon those fish are going to bloody love it.

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