Sailing Fitness Saturday: Darebee

If you're anything like me (and I hope for your sake that you're not), then every so often your fitness regime just kind of...stops. You get out of the habit for one reason or another - lack of time, injury, loss of motivation, whatever.

And once you stop working out, it can be hard to get back to it.

Of course, you could try using one of the many workouts that are listed on my Sample Fitness Training Programs for Sailors page, but if you're looking for something different, you could do far worse than go to the Darebee website.


Well firstly, because it's free.

But also because there are so many ways you can use the site:

  • If you're getting back into fitness for the first time in a while you can go for something quite light and easy to get back into the routine of doing exercise.

Darebee Daily Workout

  • If you need something that will push you a bit more then there are loads more options to choose from
  • Or you can just choose an individual workout from the huge list
    I've found this list  especially useful because there's a filter at the bottom that allows you to select a workout based on what equipment you have (or select workouts that require no equipment); select a workout based on the part of the body you want to focus on; select a workout based on the difficulty level you need; or select a workout based on the type of training you want to do.
  • Then there are the challenges, which are great for building momentum and motivation.

Being a general fitness website, none of the routines are sailing specific. But it is easy enough to find routines that work the muscles that we use for sailing, and general fitness routines are good for keeping our bodies balanced.

The only other potential complaint about the site is that the workouts aren't progressive. That is to say, if you find routines you like then you'll end up getting good at the routines, but your fitness could plateau. Depending on what you want from your fitness routine this may not really be a problem, but if it is then there are some simple ways to get around the issue. For instance, this article shows how to use progressive overload to get fitter.

Anyway, for a free site I've found it very useful. I hope some of you find it useful too.

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