One Wild Ride

It is a strange phenomenon that, the more you become acquainted with someone, the more you realise that they are somewhere on the scale from pretty odd to stark raving bonkers.

Most people seem quite normal when you first meet them. They have normal names and normal jobs, live in normal houses and drive normal cars.

And then you get to know them.

And you find out that they like collecting wheel hubs. Or they regularly dress up and go to  The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Or they eat mushrooms. Or they taught themselves to ride a unicycle, but they can only go backwards. Or they have a comprehensive collection of didgeridoo albums. Or they actually enjoy their job as an accountant.

But not all people are weird once you get to know them.

Some are obviously crazy before you even speak to them.

Take Gary "Ted" Sargent.

One Wild Ride - Gary "Ted" Sargent

Does this man look normal to you?

I don't think I've ever spoken to Ted (although since hearing about his "One Wild Ride" project I've discovered that I did race against him a couple of times in a Frostbite series), but I do know he is a lunatic.

You see Ted, in his wisdom, has decided to sail around the island of Ireland in a Laser.

He's not doing it for fun (if he was I'd have to report him to the authorities as certifiable), he's doing it for charity. But this doesn't excuse him. People hold quiz nights for charity. Or sit in bathtubs filled with baked beans for charity. They don't sail around an entire country in a volatile single-hander for charity.

One Wild Ride

Ted and his enablers.

But some of you might be thinking "At least he's doing it in the summer, when it will be a bit less breezy, and nice and warm". If you are thinking that then you have clearly never been to Ireland. I have lived on this island for around 20 years all told, and by my reckoning summer here lasts for approximately six days (if you're lucky) and can occur any time between April and October. As Ted's journey is going to take longer than six days, he is going to be doing most (if not all) of his journey in non-summery conditions.

Hopefully Ted will be allowed to complete his journey and make lots of money for Childvision before he is locked away in an asylum. You can follow his progress on his rather excellent website, or you can like his Facebook page, or follow him on Twitter or Instagram.

You should make sure you follow his progress - I've already found that I feel much more normal than I usually do.

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