Olympic Sailing Day One

The first day of the Olympics finally arrived and those who had predicted that consistency would prove difficult were probably feeling quite smug - it looks like they may well be right.

Although no-one told Nick Dempsey or Charline Picon.

Dempsey finished the day with on top of the Men's RS:X standings with a 1-1-2, while Picon leads the Women's RS:X with a 1-2-1, but their consistency was the exception rather than the rule. The rest of the competitors in windsurfing and also in the Laser and Laser Radial classes all struggled to produce in every race, and landing countable results consistently will be the key to landing a medal.

Having said that, the cream still tends to rise to the top.

In the Radial, the top four sailors from London 2012 are all in the top five in Rio. Lijia Xu scored a 3 and a 4 to lead the fleet, and she and Marit Bouwmeester must be feeling déjà vu as they repeated their finishing positions from 4 years ago at the end of day one.

Another sailor with déjà vu will be Annalise Murphy. She's never finished the first race of an Olympic regatta outside of first place (admittedly it is only her second Olympics), and at the end of day one she is in the dreaded 4th spot that she ended up with after the Medal Race in 2012. At least this time she has some time to do something about it. If it is a breezy regatta she stands a real chance of standing on the podium.

The Radials is a wide open fleet with lots of potential winners - it is going to be exciting watching it play out.

Meanwhile, in the Men's Laser fleet things are even more unpredictable. Three sailors managed to put two top 10 results on the board, and those same three sailors are in the podium positions after one day. The rest of the big contenders had one good and one bad result and it will take a couple more races to see who the form sailors are.

It was great to see Robert Scheidt win the second race - he's something of Brazilian hero and a sailing legend. But it was especially nice because his wife also won the second race of the Radials with a superb performance - it can't be often that a husband and wife have done something like that. Perhaps Gintare Scheidt's day is a taste of the event to come - she scored a 38th in the first race before winning the second - and it is hard to imagine that these regattas will be anything other than high scoring affairs.

The Lasers, Radials and both RS:X fleets go again tomorrow, and the Finns will have their first race too.

Here is how you can follow all the action.

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