November’s Kit Bag

Welcome to November's Kit Bag - this month's collection of links,clips and other odds and bobs, all gathered to help improve your sailing. For those that don't follow me on Twitter, or don't use Twitter, I've gathered the links I've tweeted about here, so you don't miss out on some really good sailing stuff.

  • This 470 video is well worth 104 seconds of your life.

  • Christine Neville has a good blog, but I especially like this post about light wind sailing, starting and learning from the best.
  • I like dynamic warm-ups, and the Australian Sailing team posted a video of theirs:

  • And British Sailing offered their top tips on staying fit through the winter:

  • I really enjoyed CNN's MainSail program on the ISAF Worlds and tweeted the broadcasting times for it. If you want to have a look, all the programs can be found here.
  • This post on Brtitish sailors made me laugh (and probably highlights some of the dangers of reading too much into demographics)
  • Think sailing is a religion? Well we do have proof that we can walk on water. (via South Staffordshire Sailing Club)
  • I posted a link to a really good article on how to handle the run, from Mark Rushall
  • Dinghy sailors need strong legs. Here's six exercises to boost those quads and calfs

Weather Forecasting Stone

  • Rolo's Tip of the Month - tacking Laser's in a breeze

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