March’s and April’s Kit Bags

  • It is so great being able to watch live dinghy sailing, so having the medal races from Hyeres was wonderful. If you missed them then you can watch them back here:

  • Fancy showing off your own skills against the elite? Why not sail in the first ever Virtual Sailing World Championship...
  • Ben Hartnett has the knack of making really good sailing videos. This is his latest offering:

  • This article has some interesting thoughts on variations of the port tack start.

  • Not only that, but Nick's even found time to give this excellent interview with lots of hints and tips on race strategy and techniques:

  • I've also mentioned the benefits of visualisation before. Here the British Sailing Team give an insight into how they use it to improve performance:

  • The MainSail program on CNN is normally very good, and the episode on foiling was no exception. Part One is here, Part Two here, and Part Three here.
  • Some great footage of a seriously breezy OK dinghy Inland Championships in the UK:

  • And talking of breezy, here's how to quickly capsize and right your Laser

  • I love things that help put in perspective the abilities of great athletes. This does just that:

  • And finally...this month I revealed the most important sailing tip for when you forget a vital piece of equipment:

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