Luke Patience

Luke Patience is the current Olympic silver medallist in the 470. Luke's father was the renowned scientist Dr Archibald Patience. Dr Patience, a neurobiologist, focused his studies on why some humans seem to have more energy than others. His studies became controversial when he started attempting to develop a serum that would give humans a permanent lift in energy, effectively creating the potential for a high-octane super race with boundless verve and enthusiasm.

Dr Patience's studies abruptly halted in 1991, although no official reason was given. It has long been rumoured that his son, Luke, swallowed a large vial of the experimental serum and was changed forever. He developed extraordinary levels of energy, and a sort of overwhelming optimism and positivity that bordered on being uncontainable.

Luke Patience

Even Luke's hair is uncontainably excitable

I didn't bother trying to track down Luke's father, not least because he probably isn't called Archibald and almost certainly isn't an experimental scientist. But if I had, I imagine he would have said this:

"Look, I'm not supposed to talk about that time of my life - it is strictly Top Secret. But as no-one reads your blog I feel it would be safe to talk to you. That time was tremendously difficult. We tried many different physical activities to attempt to use up the excess energy Luke had. At first we went with field sports, but it was intolerable for everyone, he was just so excitable - the kids couldn't keep up and the coaches and parents got exasperated. Eventually we encouraged him into sailing because he could be far out to sea and we didn't have to put up with him being around as much."

Luke's abundant energy saw him rise to the top of the sailing game very rapidly earning some excellent results in Optimists and progressing on to the Olympics. Now aged 29, Luke still has many years in sailing but the British Government has other ideas.

"With the drive for renewable energy growing all the time," a government spokesperson might have said (but probably didn't), "we have been searching a range of ideas. We were alerted to Luke's potential and, having done some tests, we believe it is possible that he could produce enough energy to power most of Aberdeen. We're exploring this possibility at the moment, but he's so excitable that our agents are only allowed to spend a maximum of 2 hours with him at any one time - any more and they tend to be vulnerable to burn-out."

I ask what would happen to the power in Aberdeen if Luke were to get injured. "Well frankly, Aberdeen is in Scotland," says the government spokesperson (allegedly), "and as we live and work in London, we couldn't really care less what happens up there."

Some Actual Proper Information on Luke Patience

To get an overall picture, you could do worse than head to his Wikipedia page...

...or his British Sailing Team page...

...or, indeed, his World Sailing page...

...and he's well worth a follow on Twitter too.

And I shouldn't have got this far without mentioning his original crew for Rio, Elliot Willis. Elliot was diagnosed with cancer late last year, and had to withdraw from the cycle - an incredibly tough break. Like everyone else, we wish Elliot all the very best with his treatment, and hope he has a speedy and complete recovery.

Useful Videos Featuring Luke Patience

This video is a little out of date, but it gives a nice insight into Luke Patience and what makes him tick:

And while we're on London 2012, here's them coming second in the first race, and winning the second race.

And here's a lovely video in which he relives some of that Olympics with Mat Belcher:

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