How to Follow the Olympic Sailing

The Olympics are finally here, but it isn't always easy to find the coverage. The following information will hopefully help a little:

  • If you want to see the sailing on TV then the television rights for most countries can be found here.
  • I'll be watching what I can on the RTE Player here in Ireland. You can do something similar on the BBC iPlayer, or on the NBC site if you are in America. Australian coverage is through the Seven Network, and Canadians need to go to the CBC site.
  • I like to follow online too. If the race I want to watch isn't on TV then I use the 3D tracker (or the 2D tracker if your computer is slow).
  • I also like to follow the live blog as it gives information from around all the Olympic sailing courses, has insider information that isn't always easy to get, and there's always plenty of audience participation too. It is an ideal option if you're stuck at work, too. I always use the Mark Rounding tracker alongside the blog, as it gives really up-to-date information which is great as I am super impatient to know what is happening.
  • There's also a live blog on all the Olympic sailing on the Yachts and Yachting site
  • You can also get really good information on Twitter. Start with the World Sailing feed or my feed and you'll find loads of interesting information as you go.

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