Charlie Buckingham’s Biggest Fan

This is the fifth in a short series of biographies of some of the potential medallists in Rio (the rest are here). As I explain at the end of this piece, I haven't done any actual research, so there may be some inaccuracies...

Most people don't realise that the Queen of England's favourite sport is sailing. There are many reasons for this widespread oversight:

  1. I just made it up;
  2. Her daughter, Princess Anne, competed in Eventing in the 1976 Olympics, so horse riding must be quite popular in the Royal household;
  3. She's known to like a bit of pigeon racing, so some people think that's her favourite sport (see surprising fact #67 for confirmation)
  4. She apparently supports Arsenal Football Club, so it would be easy to assume that soccer is her sport of choice (although this appeared in the Daily Mail, so the chances of it actually being true are, well, you know, not exactly 100%)

But the real reason people don't realise that the Queen likes sailing is because it is a closely guarded secret.

"But why would they keep it a secret?" I hear you ask. "Surely sailing isn't so sordid, so taboo, that we have to start denying we even like it?"

Well that is open to debate, but it isn't the risque nature of sailing that is the reason.

No. It is worse than that.

The reason it is kept secret is beacause her favourite sailor isn't British.


He's American


It's hard to believe, I know, (and not least because I'm British, so she could have chosen me!), but the evidence is there for all to see.

Let's look at the facts:

Firstly, she calls her house Buckingham Palace. It's clearly named after Charlie Buckingham.

She named her first born son Charles. He's clearly been named after Charlie Buckingham.

Charlie Buckingham has a butler, in a suit, distributing refreshments to him from a fancy yacht at every event. At least I think he does. I can't find any other sensible explanation for this photo:

Charlie Buckingham's Butler

In addition to all this, as far as I know Charlie Buckingham travels to all his events by private jet, drives an Aston Martin, and only drinks champagne for hydration. Admittedly I don't know this to be true, but I have never seen any evidence that it isn't true, and that is good enough for me.

Charlie Buckingham

Evidence that Charlie Buckingham drinks champagne. And is that a crown he's wearing?

Some Actual Proper Information on Charlie Buckingham

Of course, there may be some people that want some actual, true, real information on Charlie Buckingham. Here's some that may be useful:

There's some useful information (and a couple of spectacular photos) on his US Sailing Team page...

...and this is his World Sailing page...

...but if you want to hear from the man himself, here's his campaign website...

...and his Facebook page...

...and his Twitter feed

I also love this article, which is by his main competitor in the battle for qualification for Rio. It's fascinating, honest and enjoyable, and offers an insight into how Charlie managed to come out on top.

And for those of you that want to know if he's a boxers or a briefs kind of guy:

Useful Videos Featuring Charlie Buckingham

Some lovely downwind footage of Charlie in a breeze:

And finally, Charlie finding a different use for a Laser Daggerboard:

6 thoughts on “Charlie Buckingham’s Biggest Fan

  1. I have to be honest, it is a source of great pride (and some relief) to know that people are treating these made-up biographies and interviews with the gravity they deserve.

    • Well, we understand that you investigative journalists have to put in the little caveats about “making it up” (wink, wink) to appease your legal staff and their paranoia about libel, slander etc. So, we will gladly go along with that, all the while appreciate being let in on the real scoop. Keep it coming.

  2. Revealing the Queen’s secrets like this!! Bah! Humbug, even!! Send those responsible to the Tower immediately! And no ice creams after your tour!!

  3. You think that the secrets I’ve revealed are amazing, JP? Things are even more incredible than you think.

    According to royal officials, Buckingham Palace is 313 years old – so how old does that make the Queen? We know she was 25 when she was crowned and, assuming she was Queen when she named the palace, that makes her at least 338 years old.

    And for her to have heard of Charlie Buckingham then he must be a similar age. Which, according to my calculations, makes him the second oldest Olympian at these games, after the former Norse God, Jonas Hogh-Christensen.

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