Annalise Murphy: The Incredible Secret to Her Success

There are always reasons as to why some people make it to the elite level and others don’t. Annalise Murphy achieved so much at the London Olympics, narrowly missing out on a medal after an extraordinary start to the regatta, where she won the first 4 races. So what is Annalise’s secret?

Her secret is that Annalise has never used the internet.

Imagine how much of your time would be put to other things if you never went on the internet. It is incredible when you think of it.

For me, the impact would be huge. If I didn’t have the internet, then there would be days when I’d actually get dressed. I’d probably shower occasionally. I might move my bed out of the kitchen, as I’d now have time to walk to the fridge. Over time I might even learn my children’s names so they no longer had to wear the identification badges.

Annalise has put her free time to similarly good use, becoming a world class sailor.

Annalise Murphy

This is Annalise spending time outdoors and meeting people, both things she'll do a lot less of when she starts using the internet.

Interestingly, she doesn’t avoid the internet out of some moral objection or noble abstention. In fact it is just that no-one has ever been able to explain the internet to her, and she doesn’t like to use things that she doesn’t understand.

Luckily for Annalise, I found this documentary on the internet and it explains very simply what the internet is:

Annalise is still young, but when her Olympic career comes to an end she may find that she wants a different kind of job, and never going on the internet does limit your employability. How many jobs can you do these days without using the internet at least a little bit? So hopefully this will help her finally understand what the internet is, and free her to discover all the wonders that are available on the world wide web.

Like this well-researched blog.

Some Actual Proper Information on Annalise Murphy

Of course, there may be some people that want some actual, true, real information on Annalise Murphy. Here's some that may be useful:

This is Annalise Murphy's Wikipedia page...

...and this is her Irish Sailing Association entry...

...and here is her World Sailing biography...

...and if you want to get a even closer you can like her page on Facebook...

...or follow her on Twitter...

...but if you want to know who she'd like to be stuck on a desert island wth then this is the video for you:

Useful Videos Featuring Annalise Murphy

For Laser and Laser Radial sailors this is excellent. Annalise has exceptional downwind speed, and this is a chance to get a very close look at her technique:

This video works well with the above one, as it shows her technique from outside the boat. I like it because it is from a fixed point (as opposed to being from a moving boat or helicopter) and so you can get a good idea of the angles she turns:

This is a really good promo video - Olympic sailors work hard, and it certainly is not all glamour. There's a little more info about Annalise and her journey here:

This video is of a radio interview, and Annalise discusses the aftermath of her 4th place in London 2012:

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