Stonington Harbor Yacht Club (SHYC)

Stonington Harbor Yacht Club - Founded in 2002, the Clubhouse is located in historic Stonington Borough at the entrance to Stonington Harbor. We are a year-round club offering a wide variety of both water and land-based activities as well as extensive event facilities.

The mission of the Stonington Harbor Yacht Club is to foster a spirit of excellence in boating activities in our membership and the community.

This statement has never been more important than it is today. It must continue to be the foundation of everything we do in the future. Quoted from the SHYC website

Stonington Harbor Yacht Club Location

32 Water Street,
9 Stonington Commons,
CT 06378
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Driving directions to SHYC

Stonington Harbor Yacht Club on the Web

Official Website:

Contact Information on the SHYC website

Other web pages for SHYC:

They don't appear to have a YouTube channel, but there are plenty of videos of SHYC available. Below are some of the best or most useful, but you can find a more complete collection by starting here.

Not every club gets to feature on the News, but SHYC has!

It is no secret that I'm a big fan of Frostbiting, so it is great to see that the club has a vibrant Frostbiting scene. This video gives you an idea of the sailing area, the start marks, and also how to moor up to the pin buoy just as the start gun goes:

Here's some leeward mark action:

And some windward mark roundings:

Main Dinghy Classes Sailed at Stonington Harbor Yacht Club

Tips for sailing at Stonington Harbor Yacht Club

Sailing Tips



This is the tide for Stonington Harbor


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