A two-man, high-performance, one-design dinghy. This page gathers together videos, books, rigging guides and more to help improve your Fireball sailing.

About the Fireball

Fireball symbolThe Fireball is a two-man, single trapeze dinghy. It has a main, jib and symmetric spinnaker, and a low-profile chined hull. It was designed in 1962 by Peter Milne as a high-performance, strictly one-design dinghy, and it has become highly popular worldwide.

The class is highly competitive, with many top sailors. Due to the range of options provided by it's rig it can be tuned in many different ways, and the performance of the boat is dependant on finding a rig tuned to match the crew's weight and sailing style.

Videos for Fireball Sailing

Heavy wind reaching and beating with DJ Edwards (a former World, European and National champion) and Simon Potts, coached by Adam Bowers:

The same sailor/coach combo on light wind beating:

They've also produced a good video on rig tune in strong winds:

More videos can be found on the dedicated Youtube channel

Books for Fireball Sailing

Specific for Fireballs

We haven't found any books specific for the class - let us know if you know of something.

General Books Useful for Fireball Sailors

Be Your Own Sailing Coach by Jon Emmett

Be Your Own Tactics Coach by Jon Emmett

Start to Win by Eric Twiname

Sail, Race and Win by Eric Twiname

High Performance Sailing by Frank Bethwaite

Higher Performance Sailing by Frank Bethwaite

Fast Handling Techniques by Frank Bethwaite

Go for the Gold by Gary Hoyt

The Psychology of Sailing for Dinghies and Keelboats by Ian Brown

Expert Dinghy Racing by Paul Elvstrom

Advanced Racing Tactics by Stuart H. Walker

Winning in One Designs by Dave Perry

Sailing Fitness and Training by Michael Blackburn

Links for Fireball Sailors

Class Information

The International Fireball Class website

Class Associations by Country:

Wikipedia page for the Fireball

Yachts and Yachting dedicated class page

Boat Set-up, Boat Handling and Other Tips

Technique and Boat Handling

Crewing Articles

Boat Tuning

Vyv Townend and Stevie Morrison Tuning Article

A very good article on tuning dinghies, helpful for beginners and experts

Pinnell and Bax

North Sails

Speed Sails

Banks Sails

Blogs and Blog Posts

Earwigoagin with a great anecdote for Fireball sailors. Find all Earwigoagin's relevant posts here.

The Vital Statistics

Suggested sailor weight range: 120kg-170kg (ideal weight range is around 140kg to 160kg)

  • Hull Material GRP (classic boats wood)
  • Year Designed: 1962
  • Hull Length 4.93 metres
  • Beam 1.37 metres
  • Mainsail Area 10.0 square metres
  • Jib Area 3.3 square metres
  • Spinnaker 13 square metres
  • Hull Weight 79 kg

Who's Who in Fireballs

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