Roll Tacking

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What the Experts Say

Michael Blackburn -
Remember the keys: ease the tiller to begin the tack (minimising drag) and observe the tell tails closely when you sit down on the new side (maximising power).

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Videos for Roll Tacking

Paul Goodison demonstrating roll tacks in light air (see video from 55 seconds on):

Andrew Scrivan roll tacking in 15 knot breeze, with a slow motion replay:

And demonstrating a light air roll tack with slow motion replay:

Fred Strammer's recognisable roll tack technique:

Jon Emmett roll tacking in a race situation:

And Jon Emmett describing the technique:

More tacking tips for Lasers:

Tacking tips for the Finn:

Some roll tacks in a GP14:

420 roll tacks:

Tips for roll tacks in two handed boats:

A good collection of roll tacks in both single-handers and two-man boats:

Footage of a tacking drill, useful for training in small groups:

Who is the best tacker?

Books and DVDs with information on Roll Tacking

The Boat Whisperer - Upwind DVD

Websites and online articles for Roll Tacking

You'll be hard pushed to find a better written description of a good roll tack than this one from Michael Blackburn

This article covers roll tacking in two-man boats

A good description of dos and don'ts when roll tacking a two-man boat

A nice picture with a brief description of some of the key things about roll-tacking

Advice for roll tacking a 505.

A picture sequence for roll tacking a National 12.

Another picture sequence for roll tacking an RS200

There is a description of the basic technique for roll-tacking here

What We Learned...

This section will be completed soon...

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