Psychology and Preparation

A list of topics covered on this site for psychology and preparation for dinghy sailing with links to those pages

Goals and Goal-Setting

Goal Setting for Sailing

Dream Goals for Sailing

Outcome and Performance Goals for Sailing - Medium-Term Goals

Process Goals for Sailing

Sport Psychology, Mental Skills and Mental Toughness

Detatchment and Mental Imagery

Mental Rehearsal and Visualisation for Sailing

Blog Posts on Sport Psychology, Mental Skills and Mental Toughness

How to be a better sailor without getting wet

Practical Preparation

Becoming Your Own Sailing Coach

Part Completed Page(s)

Race Analysis for sailors

Wind Patterns and Strategy

Blog Posts Relevant for Psychology and Preparation

How Not to Prepare for a Regatta (or How to Get a New Mast)

Would George Clooney Improve His Sailing Quicker Than You?

Cathy Foster and the 30-Second Bubble

Lolling around in Chairs and Fondling Balls

"The Desire to Sail Well..."

The Pecking Order: Avoiding the Pecking Order

The Pecking Order: The Lesson of the Red Boat

The Pecking Order: Winning the Battle but Losing the War

The Pecking Order: If You're Already Doing It Then You Can Do It

The Pecking Order: Ever Tried. Ever Failed. No Matter. Try Again. Fail Again. Fail Better

Spiders Can't Climb Stairs

How Do You Improve on Perfection?

Waking Up With Michael Gervais

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