Club Sailor: From Back to Front by Clive Eplett

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What The Authors Say About Club Sailor: From Back to Front

Books for beginners. books by champions for wannabe champions. But until now, nothing focused on the needs of the majority, the dedicated, die-hard, round the cans club racer. Club Sailor: from back to front fills that void.

Written by a successful club sailor, for club sailors, this is a refreshing and light hearted insight into some of the techniques and approaches to both improving performance and gaining more enjoyment from your racing.

"I have to say I'm most impressed. This is the book I have been searching for all my sailing days. It's something for those of us who guard the rear end of the fleet to try and reach the middle."

"It is a well written and easy read; and more importantly, informative and useful. By useful I mean something that I can try to put into practice. You're on the right track and I think club sailors will love it."

What the Reviewers Say About Club Sailor: From Back to Front

I can't find any major reviews of the book, but there are reviews on Amazon, and every single one of them is 5 stars.

There's also the foreword, written by Roger Gilbert (here's some of his results if you're wondering who he is), and you can have a read of what Mr Gilbert thinks here.

What we thought of Club Sailor: From Back to Front

There are a lot of sailing books out there, from the general ones that cover a bit of everything, to the highly specific (like Brian Willis' book on Protests and Appeals!), but Club Sailor: From Back to Front is different from any that I've come across. And it is all the better for it.

Written by a good club sailor to help the mid- to back-of-the-fleet sailors, it is full of advice and tips on how to move up the ladder.

One of the main things that make Club Sailor a pleasure to read is that it somehow manages to be eclectic without being unstructured. The book has a nice flow to it, but it is packed full of little insights and anecdotes, many of which are odd or quirky, but all of which are helpful, especially if you've been plateauing off at a level for a while.

There's a nice mix of practical information and mental tricks that can help edge a sailor out of a rut and up the fleet, and there are lots of good quotes from people both inside and outside the sailing world that add to the way the information is delivered.

The other thing that really shines through with this book is just how much Clive Eplett loves sailing. It is not always apparent from other sailing books, where the author is working through various topics almost in the manner of a textbook, but in Club Sailor Clive's passion is there on every page. It makes the book very compelling and, in fact, I had to go back and read it again pretty much straight away because I was so caught up in how readable it was that I read it too quickly - I knew I'd probably missed lots of the stuff that would be helpful to me.

So if you're a middle-of-the-fleet club sailor and you want to improve then I strongly recommend this book. If you've read sailing books before and felt that they didn't really help you then this might just be the book that you've been searching for - practical, readable, helpful, enjoyable and aimed at someone like you.

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United States
Great Britain and Ireland

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