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DO NOT PLAY SailX. It is too addictive and will drain your life away. You will ALWAYS do "one more race". Until it is 2.39 am, and you realise that not only has your whole evening been used up, but tomorrow is now a write-off too.

Need some help? Here you go:

There's more good stuff here

You can read all Tillerman's thoughts on SailX here

Tactical Sailing

You can get a free demo for Tactical Sailing here

Sail Simulator

You can play a free demo version of the game here.

Sail Simulator is an enjoyable way to pass an hour or two. The graphics are quite good, the gameplay is good enough without being spectacular, and it is generally good fun.

There is an online ranking system which encourages regular play, and you can improve your ranking overall, in different boats or for your country.

I'm not sure how useful it is for improving your sailing skills, though. Unlike some of the other simulators, there are no windshifts, so it becomes a game of set-up and of straight line speed. The boat set-up doesn't match real life set-up all that accurately, which means you can become great at setting up a 470 on the game but be awful at setting up a 470 in real life.

That said, if you can't get out on the water it can be a good way of getting your sailing fix.

SailRacer's Windgame

Learn about windshifts using this online game.

Want some help to get better at this game? Ian E at Laser Salience has spent way too much time thinking about this stuff, and he gives some excellent advice for this game here.


Virtual Skipper 5

Virtual Regatta


Other Simulators

And here's one for the safety boat guys:

Another site's list of sailing simulators can be found here

Sailing Games

New - Olympic Challenge Sailing Game

Sail for Gold Game

Captain Chaos

More Sailing games can be found here and here

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