Knots for Sailing

You don't need to know a lot of knots for sailing dinghies, but a few are essential. Here are the key knots, and links to loads more if you need them.

What the Experts Say

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Books with information on Knots for Sailing

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Websites and online articles for Knots for Sailing

A brilliant site for sailing knots: Animated Knots

Another useful knots site with animations can be found here

The Most Popular Sailing Knots

The Figure of Eight Knot

This quick stopper knot is a very good alternative to the figure of eight knot:

The Bowline

Animated example for tying a Bowline

The Reef Knot

Animated example for tying a Reef Knot

The Chain Sinnet Knot

Animated example of a Chain Sinnet Knot

The chain sinnet knot can be used to form a handle if needed. simply make the knot as shown, and then use a bowline to secure it in a loop. This can be useful for the end of control lines as it tidies up any excess line, as well as forming a proper handle to grip when adjusting whilst sailing.

Oh, and of course there's the Trucker's Hitch

What We Learned...

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