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The 1979 Fastnet Race

I'm not a huge follower of yachting (as opposed to dinghy sailing), but the Fastnet Race of 1979 holds a particular fascination for me. When we were kids our parents bought us a book of extraordinary sailing stories, and the Fastnet Race of '79 was one of the chapters. It is an amazing story, and this documentary covers it well.

The Donald Crowhurst Story

Another story that appeared in the same book was this one about Donald Crowhurst. It is an incredible and tragic story, and this documentary is excellent. This is truly one of the great sailing videos (You can buy a copy of the film here, or you can read a brilliant book about the story).

As an aside, this film was made by the producers of Touching the Void. The film has nothing to do with sailing, and isn't as good as the book (although the DVD Extras are absolutely compelling, and worth buying the DVD for).
The book, however, is superb. It is a very well written account of a climbing incident, and a great tale of the extraordinary will to live that human's have.

The 1983 America's Cup

I've mentioned before that I love the '83 America's Cup. This Australian documentary is very good on how the Aussies finally managed to wrest the Auld Mug away from the Americans.

Ocean Crossing Wayfarer

This tale of sailing a Wayfarer across the North Sea is, in equal measure, heroic, bizarre, sensational, and inarguably mad. And utterly brilliant. It is well worth reading this article on Frank Dye and Charlie English's 'holiday' adventure too, but if you want the full story then this book by the man himself is the place to go (American readers can find it here).

The 1998 Sydney Hobart Yacht Race

To be honest, I didn't know too much about the 1998 Sydney Hobart Yacht Race until I watched this documentary. I was aware that it had gone badly wrong, but as I wasn't sailing at the time I only had a notion as to what had happened. This documentary is compelling and tragic, and led me to want to find out more so I bought this fascinating book, although I believe this more recent publication is also excellent.

DRUM: An Extraordinary Adventure - Whitbread 1985

Spectacular Yachting Videos

I love this video - I think it's the because they all sound so happy:

Some Sensational Windsurfing Videos

They're not going to...Why would you...?

Sailing Videos that Made Me Laugh

This is very good:

I am both amused by and full of admiration for this chap:

Other Excellent Water-Based Videos

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