720s and Other Penalty Turns

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What the Experts Say

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Videos for 720s

A very good video of Jon Emmett doing penalty turns, with tips

A good example of a 360 by Rob Crane:

More penalty turns tips from sailgroove.org:

Tips for penalty turns courtesy of the RYA and their Optimist Coach Handbook:

Optimists practising penalty turns

This video on boat control is excellent for understanding some of the skills needed to execute quick penalty turns:

Books with information on 720s

Ben Ainslie - Laser Campaign Manual, page 68

Paul Goodison - Laser Handbook, page 64

Ben Tan - Complete Introduction to Laser Racing, page 66

Websites and online articles for 720s

A video showing what a 720 actually is

A good article on doing fast penalty turns

How to do a legal (and fast) 720

Some great advice on when and how to do a penalty turn from top match racer Ian Williams

An article on the basics of doing penalty turns

What We Learned...

This section will be completed soon...

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