Regatta Day Menus

What the Experts Say

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Videos for Regatta Day Menus

I haven't come across any really good videos for regatta day menus. If you know of something then please send me an email or post in the comments and I'll add it to the page.

Books with information on Regatta Day Menus

Jon Emmett - Be Your Own Sailing Coach, page 202 and page 207

Websites and online articles for Regatta Day Menus

The document on Nutrition from the Tamug Sailing Team has some Race Day food suggestions

There is lots of helpful advice about how to plan what you eat before racing

This article talks about the food eaten whilst on the water... does this article on energy supplements for sailors

This article has several suggestions for food for race day

This piece is on sailing in cold conditions, and has some suggestions as to what to eat and when to help retain performance.

And this article talks about how to use food to help you recover after a day's sailing

This is a piece on race day fuelling for runners - most of which is relevant for sailors too

Here is a pre-marathon breakfast which would work before a day's racing too

What We Learned...

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