Aerobic Fitness for Sailing

What the Experts Say

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Videos for Aerobic Fitness

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Books with information on Aerobic Fitness for Sailing

Ben Ainslie - Laser Campaign Manual, page 73

Paul Goodison - Laser Handbook, page 113

Ben Tan - Complete Introduction to Laser Racing, page 193

Alan Beggs, John Derbyshire and John Whitmore - Mental and Physical Fitness for Sailing, page 55 and page 65

Websites and online articles for Aerobic Fitness

Here is an interesting article on Cardio for Sailing

The RYA provide some useful information here and here on aerobic fitness for sailing

If you like to use swimming for your aerobic fitness (or even if you don't - because the guy who wrote this piece hated swimming until he came across the method he describes) then this article might help you improve your swimming. There are some free booklets on this technique here as well.

Jay from Laser Sailing Notes on whether aerobic training is necessary for sailing

Some skipping challenges that boost cardio fitness

How to get leaner and stronger using cardio

Links for Runners

31 tips for beginner runners

More good running tips for beginners

An 8-week beginner runner's program

A 'couch to 5k' running plan. And another program here, if you prefer.

Want to avoid injury while running? Here are 6 ways to improve your running technique

Links for indoor rowing

There is a pdf document here with in depth detail on how to use indoor rowing for sailing fitness

Links for Cyclists

3 workouts to improve your fitness through cycling

This isn't going to help your aerobic fitness, but it is a pretty excellent idea.

What We Learned...

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