About ‘The Final Beat’: A Short Introduction

About 'The Final Beat': A Short Introduction

Welcome to The Final Beat, the website that helps dinghy sailors get better, quicker.

All best information about dinghy sailing

  • on the web
  • in books
  • and on DVDs and CD-ROMs

to help you find out what you want to know, when you want to know it.

All the information is organised into the key categories for ease of use, and cross-referenced.

Who is The Final Beat for?

Most sailors want to improve as quickly as possible with the minimum of effort. There is no miracle to doing this, but an organised approach to improvement will have a significant impact on the pace at which you improve. This website aims to help dinghy sailors of all levels, from the top national racer, through keen club racers to the beginner racers and sailors who sail purely for enjoyment, to improve their sailing quickly and efficiently, and also enjoyably.

We will also have a number of tools that will help you develop all aspects of your sailing to improve progressively and rapidly, enabling you to put a structure on your practice to help you to improve your sailing results as rapidly as possible.

With this site you can:

  • Identify the areas you need to improve
  • Analyse and track your progress
  • Find out how to improve your skills
  • Plan your weeks, months and years quickly and easily to help you organise your sailing year and improve effectively
  • Analyse your races to learn lessons quickly and easily and avoid repeating mistakes
  • Find books, websites and other material that will help you to improve your sailing
  • Find specific information for boat set-up and equipment for a wide range of dinghy classes
  • and much, much more